New Multicolor Material Pricing

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Texelion, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Texelion
    Texelion Member
    $1400 for a 20cm ( 8 inches ) figurine, is that for real ? The same item in sandstone costs about $115. Who's gonna pay that price for a slighlty better version of sandstone ? It would be cheaper and better to hire someone to paint the object by hand.

    Could there be a problem with how the price is calculated ?
  2. barkingdigger
    barkingdigger Well-Known Member
    No, the problem is not that they are charging outrageous sums, or miscalculating. The real problem is the new multicolour technology is simply too expensive for hobby use. I may have my gripes against the new Mgmt at SW, but realistic pricing is certainly not something to complain about. I just wish they were more open and less squirrelly about the way prices are calculated so we can design more effectively.