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    +++++ 1) Would prefer edit page to default set as 'on'
    [edit] Thought this was fixed, but it turns out that after the first page has been switched to edit, the rest in My Designs are edit by default.
    [edit #2] Looks like someone is messing about on the live website with these settings - Now the page view reverts to edit view as soon as the page has finished loading.
    [edit #3] The page switching only seems to happen with private models and for sale models e.g. when I am logged in, a95f884215/100mm_cube.html?gid=ug takes me to the public page, I click edit, and then try to 'un-edit' - the link looks like and after a double page load takes me back to the edit page.

    Fixed 2) When setting edit page to on - IE8.0 requests for a font to be temporarily downloaded (but it doesn't when edit is set to off) <-- this is due to Prompt for Font Download in the security settings, but still leaves the question, why does the edit page use an extra font?

    +++++ 3) Link to interactive 3D view needs to be more visable and with notation of what it does.

    IE8.0 no 3D link,
    Firefox - 3D viewer fixed
    Chrome - 3D viewer fixed

    ++++ 4) Area imediately below 'slideshow' looks cluttered.
    4a) A short, one line, description is lost and near on invisable.

    + 5) Asthetics - the colours of the right side panels look wrong (too much green with the blues)

    Fixed 6) A model with & in the title has the & displayed as &amp;

    7) the model title has gone from the edit page address - not sure what implications this has fo those previously using full links - not really an issue

    Fixed 8) No way to add model to shop categories

    ++++ 9) Comments disproportionately sized

    10) Shortened Shapeways URL missing

    Fixed 11) occasional 'Fatal Error' where slideshow should be

    Fixed 12) no reason for two dates on updated models model filenames and updates show on model edit page

    Fixed 13) option to remove own comments has disapeared... well not quite - the option is on the public page view, but the page needs to be refreshed for the 'delete' option to appear.

    Fixed 14) Crappy and unnecessary image cropping.

    Fixed 15) Pricing visable for NOT FOR SALE items - this is a big no-no! - see also 28)

    ++++ 16) Description editing format does not stick - if I use return to seperate lines of text, I want it that way, so why remove them and make a mess of what I typed? Though HTML formatting does work.

    Fixed 17) Because of 16, there is no space between the description text and my user image - looks cluttered.

    +++ 18) Number of page views has disapeared.

    ++ 19) Why are the units of measurement on the upload pane now two clicks away?

    +++ 20) No obvious way to delete a model.
    Model can be deleted from 'My Designs'
    Delete button on edit page would still be useful.

    ++++ 21) Models pricing should be transparent - pricing for EU countries should show the VAT included in the price and not come as a added on price in the shopping cart.
    21 a) VAT should be shown on the edit page to allow sellers to price including VAT.

    Semi-fixed 22) Models that can be downloaded are now corrupt. A workaround is in place. The model file was being corrupt by an extra character added to the begining of the file. Now the model file is in a Zip folder, and the extra character is added to the Zip.
    22a) The edit page tells me the name of the uploaded file is "100mm cube.stl", upon download, the filename has changed to "original-335454_v4.stl"

    +++ 23) Own Models cannot be downloaded without first enabling model download (but are still corrupt anyway.)

    +++++ 24) Item title should be above the image box... afterall it is the title of the model!

    +++++ 25) Scrolling down to read the description takes the viewer away from the most important button - Add to Cart - the page should be set up to lead the potential buyer to that button.

    Fixed 26) Missing analytics tracking code on model pages.

    ++++ 27) Materials selector on edit page is now a jumble. The convenient remove all materials button has gone and so has the materials grouping.

    +++++ 28) There is no option to remove the default material. (remove it all together, not change it) - see #52 (co-creator reverts to default meterial).

    +++++ 29) The link that used to take you straight to the model in the inventory management is now gone.

    ++++ 30) CSS errors that need validating/fixing.

    +++++ 31) Update model process does not work properly - same model, same units gives a non-printable model due to size <- I have been informed that this issue is unrelated to the new model page, but it is still an issue that needs fixing.

    ++++ 32) Compulsorary reason for model update is not necessary and adds to workflow.

    FIxed 33) If for whatever reason a viewer has a browser window narrower than the page, there is no sideways scroll option

    +++++ 34) Currency on the model page should be what the logged-in user has chosen as their curreny.

    +++++ 35) Country should be detected and assigned the correct currency for locale for non-logged-in users.

    Fixed 36) Logo to right of description (Shop logo?) is not what the shop owner uploded - it is stretched and looks wrong. - its gone, but will it be back it its old place?

    +++++ 37) Description editing is very poor - move the mouse pointer over another part of the page that takes focus away results in the description reverting back to what it was before any changes were made.
    37a)Previous description can't be edited :(

    ++++ 38) Once in edit mode in the description box, the text area and the OK button backbround are indistinguishable - leads to multiple clicks and frustration.

    FIxed 39) Uploading a new image show no progress, and no indication of successful completion.

    ++++ 40) Upon successful upload of new image, image should be shown.

    +++++ 41) Clicking on new image title to edit is fine, but why on earth does the title revert back to the default model title upon clicking the description of the new image??? - (it may be habit to hit return after a paragraph, but it is not intuitive to hit return after filling in a pseudo text box)

    +++++ 42) The whole description should be visable, neat and tidy - a visitor to your home would not be expected to take off their shoes AND put them in a cupboard, so why must visitors to OUR product pages be expected to click on a camoflaged link to read the rest of the description?
    ^ Ithought this was fixed... but the I went to the public view and hey presto a comflaged [+ More info] button where my test should be :( (it's not info, but my description)

    ++++ 43) Permalink (shortened Shapeways link) - two clicks to get to a point where the link can be copied is unnecessary - as a simple <a href=> tag is all thats needed, right click, then copy shortcut... job done.

    ++++ 44) Edit page and changing availability can be made into one link.

    ++++ 45) Radio button for default material is easier to understand and more visable than a blue triangle on the edit page.
    45a) Sloppy coding includes the same 205 characters 25 times (once for each material) when a simple 'Make default material' instruction just once would do.

    Fixed 46) What's happened to my image next to the comment box?

    47) Digging around in the source code for the model page, I found;
    <meta name='keywords' content='Array, stop4stuff' lang="en" />
    Two things, not proper keywords for the page and an abitary / added
    What's that all about?

    +++++ 48) Uploading images not compatible with all browsers, see; mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;start=0&

    Fixed 49) Google Analytics not working

    ++++ 50) Units not clear as to what the dimensions refer to.

    +++++ 51) Price shown is different between model page and co-create (personalise) page.
    e.g. (model page) shows €6.96 for WSF, but p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;material=62 (customise page) shows € 9.15 for WSF

    +++++ 52) When heading to the personalise page, the material selector automatically reverts back to the material that's set as the default, not the material that was selected on the model page.

    ++++ 53)

    Happens in IE8.0 and Firefox. (WinXP) - not tried Chrome. - When not logged in and viewing a model page, a load of code appears at the bottom of the page.

    View attachment 11312

    +++ 54) For private models, in edit mode, the shop sections are not shown and thus are not selectable.



    One of the biggest requests is to change the model page back to what it was.


    (loads of +'s)


    * Choice of currency is not persistant... I'm UK but use USD

    * No obvious way to change pricing. (umm... I think I found it but see below

    * Clicking on 'Update materials and pricing' goes to a blank page...
    Even after changing the pricing, and 'updating', and going back to the model page, the pricing remains as it was originally (and yes I did refresh the page too)

    * Changing model availability and clicking 'update' goes to a blank page. Changes are not made.

    *These issues cost me a day of messing about trying to fix things on my PC, but were caused by corrupt serverside information.
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  2. Mind if I piggyback on your topic to give my own feedback? Seems a little nicer than spamming the announcement forum with all of this. It isn't as nicely numbered or as short and sweet as yours... :blush:

    I'm not generally very active on the forums... Usually I just lurk and post in "It's Arrived" when one of my orders comes in, but I would like to chime in on the new interface, simply because I find myself forming very strong opinions about it...

    From the customer's point of view, it's ok. From a shopowner's point of view... Well... It could be better.

    You guys changed a lot of stuff! Now, usually, I'm ok to poke around things and find where everything is, but this new interface isn't very intuitive. Having everything in one place and having it labeled clearly was awesome. Now I have to click an "edit page" button just to, well, edit things? Generally, I expect to have edit access to my models simply by virtue of them being my models. I don't need a toggle switch to add an extra step to the workflow of adding a new model. I appreciate the toggle as a customer preview of sorts, but can we at least have "edit mode" enabled by default?

    Editing fields is a bit confusing. It took me a while to figure out that the title WAS the editing field for the title, and the same with the description. A "Title:" box, or even just coloring those fields something other than white to make them stand would greatly improve this.

    The comments box... Ugh, please turn down the font size. Please. It's way too big. It looks like it's screaming. Or like it's designed for old folks who have trouble reading small type. Please. There's no reason to have it quite that big, is there?

    No complaints about the keywords.

    No complaints about co-creator functionality.

    The new photo display... It seems good in theory, but in practice it's a bit laggy and clunky. The 3d view is... well... It's the 3d view, none of its issues have vanished. Embedding a video is about the only thing that works well.

    I can't find how to organize models into shop sections, am I just missing it?

    On the bright side... Many kudos for the material selection! In the immortal words of an internet meme: Me gusta! Easy material selection, quick pricing... Oh my gosh, you can set the final price and markup is automatically calculated! AAAAAAA I love it! Whatever you do, KEEP THAT. KEEP THAT JUST THE WAY IT IS. IF YOU REMOVE THAT I WILL HAVE TO SPEND ALL MY MARKUP EARNINGS ON A PLANE TICKET SO I CAN COME OVER THERE AND SMACK YOU WITH A 3D PRINTED BASEBALL BAT.

    So, my opinions, in summary: I would prefer having everything in one place, with no intermediate steps in order to access edit functionality. A few things are confusing, clunky, or seemingly missing. The material selection is a keeper!

    Apologies for being long-winded. :rolleyes:
  3. virtox
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    My points before breakfast:

    Editing image title and caption:
    - Cursor always snaps to start of string, I would prefer to have cursor at point where I clicked.
    - Caption is limited to very short text
    - Changes revert as soon as another is selected unless pressing enter first

    In general:
    - imho a bit of overkill on the eye candy and the layout is even more claustophobic than before ;)

    - Description area is cluttered with my avatar, shop logo, tweet and facebook stuff . And worse, the description is truncated with a "more button".

    - Editing the description seems to only show part of previously entered description?

    - Allow downloads checkbox seems to be out of place where it is now.

    - Can't see how many people favorited a model.

    - I am on different monitor DPI settings now: comments are unproportionally large, slide show images are cropped ugly. Will check again on normal settings later.

    - material/markup :
    - order of materials seems illogical
    - area is too small: I prefer to see all at once, no scrolling (better overview at first glance).
    - reduce material icons, limit material name to single line
    - sales tax/VAT not included stub could be single line.

    Time for breakfast, will continue later :)

    edit: added some more ;)
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  4. stop4stuff
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    Virtox, the 'favourite this model' link appears on the top right of other people's model pages.

  5. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    Thanks, just noticed it :)
  6. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Regarding updates to model pricing;
    For Virtox using Firefox it works.
    For me using IE.8.0 it doesn't work.

    I just took a look at the source code and think I may have found out why, but my memory of my coding days is fuzzy so maybe wrong. iirc, IE needs scripted functions need to be parsed before the code where the functions are called from?

  7. equilux
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    Where has the 'Back to my designs' link gone?

    Can I really see how much other people's 'not for sale' models would cost to buy?

    That's all.
  8. stop4stuff
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  9. virtox
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    I have not seen this, do you have an example?

  10. stop4stuff
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  11. TomZ
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    Here's my feedback about this new changes. There are somethings I like but also quite a few things I strongly despise.

    Why are my photos cropped in a ridiculous way? Half of the product is cropped off and this does not look nice at all. All my photos are nice and square and the products have a uniform white border around them so they look nice as thumbnails on the shop page and also used to look nice on the product page.
    I would also much prefer a layout like the old one where the user can see all/some thumbnails at once and click to enlarge.
    The full screen feature is ridiculous, my photos do not have a large enough resolution for that and look awful. The lightbox which adapts itself to the photo size is a much better solution.

    Why is my description shortened and is the user forced to click to read it? My descriptions contain important information about the product and I want users to see it at first glance.

    You seem to have overdone the sliding effect things. I would just like my model pages to be nice and clean with everything available at first glance. The model description as well as the photos. The product video and 3D view (less important to me) are also well hidden.

    The shop logo is nice, but it takes away a lot of space that could be used for the description. Why not have it in the right panel where it could be displayed much more prominently while preserving screen estate? Currently the right panel is much shorter than the rest of the page which is a waste.

    My products are only available in 3 materials. I think it would be nicer if they were all displayed at once but I can see that for models available in more materials this would take too much space.

    I do not have a profile picture uploaded so it just displays the silhouette and that is fine. However, for other people I have seen that their picture is shrunken down so much it just looks silly.

    The workflow for adding keywords is also not very good. It requires a lot of work and doesn't even save my keywords all the time. A single textbox where you can just enter keywords separated by spaces or coma's would be so much better.

    Finally, this does not specifically have to do with the new layout, but since the model dimensions are now more prominently displayed I thought I'd mention it: my models are meant to be assembled and the bounding box dimensions you give do not represent the final size after assembling. I would like to be able to alter the dimensions myself to accurately represent the product. I have gotten many questions about this, ranging from surprise to accusations of me incorrectly representing the product.
  12. BillBedford
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    Because they are samples? you get the uncropped photos in the popout image veiwer (second right icon)
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  13. TomZ
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    Sure, but I'm not really happy about the way they are sampled. I want my customer to know instantly what they are getting without having to enlarge the image.
    I took and edited all my pictures carefully and was quite happy about how they looked on the old site. I don't see why it's a good idea to remove the top and bottom 75px from each image.
    On the old site, the user would be instantly presented with the main image the way I uploaded it and would get thumbnails of the other images. Now, they have to click to see the full image and have to click more to see what the other images are like.

    Admittedly the guideline was and is to make your images 500x700 px or something and I did not do that (rather making them square). However, if I don't stick to that guideline I don't think Shapeways should punish me for that by cropping away my image. I would much rather have them scale it down to make it fit in the 500x700 frame.
  14. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    Even image which meet the old guidelines seem to be affected..

    I vote for downscaling to fit too.
  15. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    Will the preview images eventually be re-generated to look better on the full screen preview?

    Someday.. can we get a better material icon for FUD/FD than the circular comb? To the un-initiated, it looks a bit like a mowhawk.

    I would almost go for removing the material icon from the price list.. (above the Add to Cart button) it takes up quite a bit of space.
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  16. aegidian
    aegidian New Member
    Could we please have an option to edit prices with a selected country's sales tax INCLUDED.

    I like to set my prices to hit a certain point for my customers in the UK, I'll have to get out the calculator and do it all by hand now, which is tedious.
  17. aegidian
    aegidian New Member

    My models have longer multiline descriptions that my customers can now no longer see without hitting a tiny 'More' button.

    But what is truly appalling is that I can no longer edit the longer description, only the first line!!!!

    This is awful.
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  18. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Well, no-one's mentioned this yet...

    Editing model description text is not kept when reverting back to "edit off" page. And, yes, I'm clicking OK and Update Page. Nothing. Tried this numerous times.

    Also, what's with the HTML tags in the description field when editing text?

    I'm using IE8 running under Windows XP Pro.

  19. aegidian
    aegidian New Member

    Why does the page need the 'Change' link under the 'This model is public and available for sale.' line as well as the gimmicky slider switch link?

    One simple 'EDIT' button or link would be enough.
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  20. D_man
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    I can't figure out how to remove a model on that new model page !!