New Miniature Categories Are Coming

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  1. Freakazoitt
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    I think, board games more associated to games like monopoly, puzzle, chess, checkers, backgammon etc. and tabletop/wargaming to "Bolt action", "X-Wing", "Warhammer", "SAGA", "DBA"
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    Well, actually, not. I know a little bit about the topic and the associated semantics :). Tabletop/wargames are a subset of boardgames.
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    Facets is a brilliant idea and I'm very glad SW is offering the opportunity to use them. Two recommendations:

    1. Concur with the recommendation to open "Country" to multiple options. And thinking outside the box, perhaps add NATO (e.g., F-4 Phantom) and Warsaw Pact (e.g., MiG-21), also.

    2. For shops with many, many existing products, recommend being able to add facets to existing products via the CSV tool.

    Thanks, Henrik, et al.
  4. Freakazoitt
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    We need all main participants of WW2 - like "Allies, Axis and USSR"?
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    As a user of Shapeways in that I am looking for interesting things to buy, not print my own designs, I find the whole system of finding those interesting things about as impossibly difficult as one could conceive. If you provide search capability, please use a search engine that works at least as well as one from the 1990's.

    Maybe I missed the memo, but it doesn't work when your search delivers 85,000 responses to a group of words with matches that fit any single word in the sequence. You really need to think long and hard about how people might purchase items from a shop if you desire to create that shop. Currently, I rate your search capability as Negative 11, as in the opposite of "it goes to 11", and honestly, it should be rated much lower than that, but negative infinity is so close to positive infinity. Sorry to be so blunt, but no one is telling it the way it is.

    I have purchased some very interesting things here, but only when I found them with single word searches. This plan to have self sorting has a prayer of minor improvement, but you need to implement an "advanced" search engine that allows multi word searches confined to those items that satisfy all words or logical operations on all words. (Check out the web experience on an electronics component web store such as DigiKey for example). Your category strategy has hope only if you provide a sorting field for each and every optional qualifier, limiting results to only a few pages, not 1500 pages. This would let potential customers find items to purchase with vastly improved capability, resulting in more revenue and interest by your creators and customers.

    I still keep coming back and purchasing what I can find, but the search experience is one of the worst on the web. I believe someone might have created what I am looking for, but I can't find it. With that experience, I am not motivated to put a design on this site, because how would anyone find it and purchase it?
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  6. Andrewsimonthomas
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    @Tnarg thanks for the feedback, sharing with the team for future improvements :)
  7. robvr
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    I have to agree with Tnarg here. Extra filters and categories will only take you so far, the search engine is the key component in finding things. And sadly, that search engine simply doesn't work. Try, for example, searching for 1/32 scale figures. Depending on how I try to specify that search, I get between 75k and 115k hits, are either non-figures in 1/32 scale, of figures in other scales. The ability to exclude certain sellers would also help; there's too many people here producing HUGE numbers of very crude designs, and they drown out those that produce smaller numbers of the more desirable high quality designs.
    If I had something I wanted to be found, I'd have to advertise it elsewhere and link to Shapeways from there.
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    Most model trains Models when dealing with any Scale can be varioustypes Buildings, Engines types, Car types, has a large variety of different models and can't be classified in one type. there are just to many different types. like in Z scale 1:220 scale it's in it class of it own just like "N", "HO" "S", "O", "TT", "G". they all have the same group of things just different size!
    The Ideal of coloring how do the color Eye Glass frames, I think they use a stain. but eye glass frames comes in all colors. coloring would be cool for smaller models that are one piece and hard to paint inside. another thing each time things are changed we have to go in and check each model to see if the information is still there I have found this several time where models I had for sale then wasn't after a change!
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