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Discussion in 'Technologies and Hardware' started by JeremyMallin, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. JeremyMallin
    JeremyMallin Well-Known Member
    *Apologies if this is not the correct subforum for this kind of request.

    (1) I'd like to request more dye colors for the Polished and Dyed Strong and Flexible Plastics. I'm very impressed with the quality of this material/process.

    Could you consider adding the following colors to round out the primary and secondary colors? (artist speak, color theory, sorry)

    (2) Can you add more metal and/or alloy options for the same lost-wax process you currently use for silver? (for jewelry and maker/DIY)

    (3) This may be a stretch. I read several articles about a private design firm using an in-house-developed wood-based material made from recycled wood (saw dust). Any chance of something like this?

    (4) LOVE what I've seen so far of the trial Elasto Plastic. I'm currently working up some ideas I want to try with it. Keep it. Looks awesome in your videos.
  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    1) I heard something about colors a little while ago. I'll have to check up again. I really want green.

    2) I've been bugging about this one as well. I hear a lot of requests for more metals.

    3) I love the look of the wood prints I've seen.

    4) What are your ideas? I'm waiting to see the awesome ideas everyone comes up with.
  3. JeremyMallin
    JeremyMallin Well-Known Member
    The first thing I designed (just ordered today) was a stress ball.

    I was also thinking the Elasto Plastic would be perfect for bracelets. No need for multiple sizes if designed well.

    Placemats and coasters are another idea if it can be done inexpensively.

    It might also be good for making a nonskid coating/wrap for various products.

    One thing this and lot of the other materials would be great for is cosplay accessories, especially prosthetic items. I have yet to design anything like that, but it would be fun if I found interested people.

    I have tons of other ideas for this material. I hope it stays. Can't wait till my first Elasto order arrives.
  4. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Ohhh I would love to see a post production technique that can make it mimic flesh.
  5. JeremyMallin
    JeremyMallin Well-Known Member
    Now you've got me thinking... The easiest thing to do is slather tons of makeup all over it, but that's hardly durable much less permanent. What's the material made of? Is it a thermoplastic? a thermoset? Maybe start with some sort elastomer sealant coating? Are there commercially available spray versions? Sculptors often use citrus peals to impress skin-like textures. Then apply some sort of sprayed on coloring. Acrylic maybe?
  6. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    :laughing: As soon as I thought of it, my head started spinning with ideas. Not sure how to do it. From Magics picture, it looks a little rougher than skin. So maybe a little polishing and dying? [​IMG]
  7. PeregrineStudios
    PeregrineStudios Well-Known Member
    I love the idea of wood prints - with 3D printed ears, eagle beaks, and pizza hitting the news, the world is starting to realize that 3D printing isn't just limited to 'conventional' molding materials. Let's finish with a coup de grace and make some form of wood printing a stable, regular material on Shapeways :)
  8. SPipes
    SPipes New Member
    I'm a little curious what happened to glass. Too expensive/difficult? I got all excited about a sculpture I wanted in glass and didn't realize it was no longer an option.