New Frosted Ultra Detail Color!

Discussion in 'Materials' started by bonav, Oct 10, 2017.

What colors should FUD be offered in?

  1. Solid BLACK

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  2. See-through BLACK

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  3. Other colors ( less likely to happen )

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  1. bonav
    bonav Member
    Hi all,

    If you are interested in buying models in BLACK FUD, make it known in the comments! All it takes to get this option is interest from the community. FUD is an incredible material but it is nearly impossible to dye when it is polished to a mirror finish. Additionally, dying the unpolished material in hot (150 degree) water makes it brittle and noticably weaker so it would be fantastic to see it colored in the raw material pre-production stage.

    - Bonav
  2. Shea_Design
    Shea_Design Well-Known Member
    Agreed, with the translucent resin it is hard to see surface detail. Perhaps grey would be better than black. Is this a mfg option? Just a different resin?
  3. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    Know what would be even better? Full multi-color frosted ultra detail! Woot!
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  4. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    What makes you think so (unless you are shapeways staff) ? Pure availability of a black material for the Projet will probably not be the only criterion for them (the topic of true black strong&flexible comes up occasionally as well), and they introduced black HDA made on Envisiontec printers not so long ago.
  5. Sorry to resurrect this topic, but maybe someone from Shapeways can chime in here since the recent dropping of Black High Definition Acrylate material? It's ridiculous that Shapeways would say "instead, try Black HP Nylon"... the difference in achievable fine details isn't comparable, in my opinion. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. Frosted... er... Fine Detail plastic can achieve close to the HDA detail, but it is VERY hard to dye opaque black and keep the detail. If someone has had success, please share your secrets!

    Maybe the recent name change from "frosted" to "fine" is an indication that they will start to offer FD in different colors (wishful thinking)? Shapeways??
  6. czhunter
    czhunter Well-Known Member
    I would guess that SW changed the name from "Frosted" to disconect the material from the problem of "frosting", rather then preparation for some color variants.
  7. knoted
    knoted Active Member
    Would be nice to compensate for the loss of BHDA indeed.
    However, I've had no problem dying FXD, in my example, deep turquoise - while still being sturdy enough:

  8. That's a nice dye job! I've tried dyeing it black with Rit poly, but it isn't penetrating deep enough to make it opaque. Maybe I need to make the solution hotter, or use more dye, or time... Any tricks you have? Or maybe we should start a new thread or private convo, if you're okay with sharing your techniques?