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  1. Arrakis2
    Arrakis2 New Member
    Hello, I caught a news story about this process and the company and am intrigued and impressed with the possibilities.

    There's so much information to sift through it will take me a bit to learn the ropes. The most important question right now concerns materials. I see "metal", but what metals can be used? I see "plastic", but what options can be used?

    Can anyone help with a link that covers the materials?

  2. anoemi
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    Hey Arrakis2, good to meet you! Just curious, which news story did catch us in?

    Hopefully this link will help on the materials front:

    Me and the rest of the team are working on making key info like this easier to sift through but it's going to be a process. I'm here to help if you have any questions in the meantime. ;)

  3. Arrakis2
    Arrakis2 New Member
    Thanks for the link...appreciate the help. It was a "Geek" web site and from there I did a Google to locate this site.