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  1. Piers
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    Heres a new design. This version is only for from/fit testing. Later revisions will be lit. The stem consists of 2 interweaving (not connected) layers, and a cored centre to allow for either a single LED or a larger diameter fiber optic. The flower is hollow with a hole at the base . Stem and flower connect with a simple push fit. Yet I think i will change this to a ball and socket for added stability.

    Ill offer a version of this unlit through shapeways so people can DIY or just use it as an ornament .

    Im pretty sure but WSF wont conduct electricty right? And that warning on the side of the newer boxes, that reads ' The products should not come into contact with electricty' doesnt apply to wires that are properly insulated?

    Oh BTW from order to receiving was 5 days :D ......and i ordered on a Sunday. Nice one Shapeways.

    EDIT: The dimensions for the flower alone are:
    In: 2.6 w x 2.6 d x 2.4 h
    Cm: 6.5 w x 6.5 d x 6.0 h

    1.gif 2.gif
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  2. bartv
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    Nice work! I'd love to see it lit - keep us updated!

    Polyamide doesn't conduct electricity, but we can't recommend running 220v bare wires through it ;) Powering a low-voltage LED light through properly insulated wires should be fine.


  3. Piers
    Piers New Member
    Thanks Bart

    Any chance you know what the minimum internal diameter of a tube has to be, if the wall thickness is 1 mm? If the, 'Usable area in the relation wall thickness / hole size' from the advance design rules can be used then i guess it's anything over 2mm.


    Oh n heres a couple of tests i did......sorry for the bad quality photos. Think my camera is afraid of the dark. :)

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  4. Ray716
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    Ohhh My.. that is Gorgeous!

  5. bartv
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    2mm sounds good.

  6. Piers
    Piers New Member
    Thanks Ray, always appreciated.

    Cheers Bart, am working with .8mm at the moment . :rolleyes: . Time to change the stem design.