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Discussion in 'Newcomers Lounge' started by wenhan, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. wenhan
    wenhan New Member
    Hi everyone,
    My name is Wen. born and raised in China BeiJing now studying product and environmental design in Art Center College Of Design here in Pasadena CA.


    still a newbee but I am nere to discover my personal new paradigm, we have 3d print here at school but SHAPEWAY's choices make all of us drool:)
  2. SGDesigns
    SGDesigns New Member
    Welcome to Shapeways Wen. Its not often I see a designer in the LA area. Im about 15 minutes away from Pasadena and I had no idea there was a Art Center College Of Design close by that teaches 3d Print. Definitely gotta check it out.

  3. wenhan
    wenhan New Member
    Hi SG designs! yea, we have a few machines here, z-corp, abs, and object. stop by n check it out if you have time:) i think you will like what you see. But the printing limitations are a lot more than here....I love designing with Rhino and Solidworks. I heart jewelry design:) SHAPEWAYS allows me to print much thinner:) without paying for surprising support material:) I like! well, I havn't gotten my first order yet...SO excited:)
  4. DavidSun
    DavidSun New Member
    Hi wenhan,

    I visited your school last October and got an exclusive tour. Your school is amazing. Lots of students with exceptional talent! I love the displayed class projects.
    Please keep us informed when your projects are in the display!
  5. wenhan
    wenhan New Member
    Yes, it is an wonderful place to do my studies:) yes my design of a public TreeHouse---Mobius is currently on display in the gallery. they change it every term though:)

    most people here are from east coast? Im a total newbee. can't wait for the first order:)