New Design Rules Changes for Ceramics

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    Hey guys,

    I have an update to design rules for Ceramics. I think we have already contacted some of you about thickening walls for your larger pieces, and this is formulating those qualitative feedback into a standard guideline.

    Let me know what your thoughts, we plan to officially publicize this on Monday.

    We've found that ceramics pieces where the dimensions of the bounding box add up to 400mm are more prone to breaking. So when designing your pieces, please try to keep the sum of the bounding box under 400mm.

    Second, the walls need to be thickened as the piece scales. We've found this guideline to work quite well:
    [list type=square]
    [*] If sum of bounding box is between 120 and 200mm, min wall should be 3mm
    [*] If sum of bounding box is between 200 and 300mm, min wall should be 4mm
    [*] If sum of bounding box is between 300 and 400mm, min wall should be 6mm
    Please keep in mind that maximum wall is 15mm. This is because with ceramics, solid structures with really thick walls will crack in the furnace due to heating temperature differentials between the surface and the center.

    Also, please keep in mind that minimum detail is 2mm. This is because the layer of glaze will obscure details, especially for embossed text.

    Last, please keep in mind that the corners should be rounded. A rule of thumb is can you snugly fit a 4mm (diamter) ball bearing into the corner of your piece? If there's a gap between the corner and the ball bearing, then it is too sharp. Sharp corners are likely to crack when heated.

    Let me know if you have any questions about these design rules!


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    There was a mistake in the post above, I corrected it. The minimum diameter for holes in hollow models is still 10mm. (ex: the opening in a cup)

    However, for decorate holes, the minimum is 5mm. (ex: for holes in mesh-like structures)

    Let me know if you have any questions please!