New colors and a Star of David :)

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    Hey guys

    Got my last order two days ago and it looks great, for me it was mostly new product and colors so i'm exited..
    the purple and blue WSF looks great! the texture gives it a cool deep look, and the bronze finish on stst fits perfect on my star of david pendant :)
    have a look:

    This is the Star of David
    Star Of David  - bronze #4-small.jpg

    This is my new groovy blue case for the digispark
    Digispark case #4-small.jpg

    And this is my purple pendant, the inner rings rotate around the center pin, it turns out that the gap between the rings and the pin was not big enough and the printing powder didn't came out before painting so it was "locked" in place, a bit of hot water, a needle and a firm rotation force did the job but left the gaps white, I already redesigned it and uploaded a new STL.
    saturn rings purple #3-small.jpg

    Hope you like them :)