New Catagory: Rc Cars!

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  1. Andrewsimonthomas
    Andrewsimonthomas Well-Known Member
    Hi guys,

    We’ve been astounded of how active the RC Car community is, and all the ways you guys use Shapeways in your builds and bashes.

    It’s clearly a time to add the new category to Shapeways: RC Cars!

    Now, please help us get the right Facets and groups for the new RC Car category that will help you filter and find the right products. Below we’ve started with our current thinking.

    Tech / RC Cars:
    • Compatible with
      • Axial
      • Rc4wd
      • Kyosho
      • Tamiya
      • Team Associated
    • Type
      • Buggy
      • Crawler
      • Drifting
      • Micro RC
      • Military
      • Monster Truck
      • Touring Car
      • Tractor Truck
    • Part
      • Body
      • Chassis
      • Drivetrain
      • Interior
      • Suspension
      • Scale Accessories
      • Wheels and Rims
    • Scale
      • 1:8
      • 1:10
      • 1:14
      • 1:16
      • 1:24
    What do you think? What would you add? What would you like to see in the new RC Car section?
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  2. Stitch_Parts
    Stitch_Parts Member
    I would add Crawler, Drifter, Military and Rc Bikes in the Type selection.

    Ps.: Tamiya
  3. ChristianH
    ChristianH Well-Known Member
    1/8 scale Off Road Buggy
    1/8 scale Off Road Truggy
    1/8 scale On road

    Those are the two 'top' classes together with 1/10 scale On and Off road when it comes to competition.
    No need to split by brand since all brands/cars adhere to the same racing rules. Same goes for Electric vs. Nitro as they exist within these classes. Both Nitro & Electric uses the same basic kit.

    How about a Boat related forum? There are tons of classes for racing but there are not as many who does race.
    Starting with Hulls, Drive System and Accessories.
  4. HenrikRydberg
    HenrikRydberg Shapeways Employee Design Team
    Thanks for the great suggestions!
    I've updated the facet plan based on it.

    While Offroad and Onroad are top level categories, I've tried to be more specific instead... by adding Touring, Drifting and Buggies and so on. We can still consider adding the Off Road and On Road if you guys feel like it would help, or we can add more specific ones if that's better.

    Also, 1:8 scale is now available in facets and variants for you to choose.
  5. Lucozade
    Lucozade Member
    Hi. I have a few vintage RC cars which require parts. Can these be replicated? There is a huge demand for these items.

    Thanks for looking at this.

  6. ChristianH
    ChristianH Well-Known Member
    Yeah, just start designing.
  7. Bryanphenry7
    Bryanphenry7 Member
    Hi guys

    I have found some amazing people on here and great product, I myself have taking to building 1-8 scale model cars just for myself, but would be great if anyone has design any Ford parts I am looking for Ford Shelby GT 500 engine are anything that will fit my car.
  8. Hi Andrew you should add a few more manufactures:



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  9. otaku521
    otaku521 Member
    how about Xray as well?
  10. RudyLime
    RudyLime Well-Known Member
    Hey @Knight_Customs & @otaku521 -- we're ramping up for optimizing the RC marketplace after having it in use for some time now and adding these facets shouldn't be a too heavy lift.

    That said, I'd like to ask you to update your designs with the corresponding tags as well. Please make sure that you only tag the brands and type numbers where your part is compatible with. I'll open a new thread in a bit in which I explain a bit more. :)

  11. jsnburley
    jsnburley Member
    Could you please add TLR as a manufacturer? (Team Losi Racing)
  12. jsnburley
    jsnburley Member
    Also, possibly add "Short Course Truck" as a type?
  13. MAKR_Z_RC
    MAKR_Z_RC Member
    This is awesome! Is 1:27 a scale, The RC car place I race at races 1/27 and 1/28 cars.
  14. Would it be possible to add the following brands:
    -MST (Maximum Speed Technology)
    -3 Racing
    These two brands are huge in the drifting market and definitely need their own brand name here since most people design parts for these chassis.
  15. Smooth28
    Smooth28 Member
    MST also has Crawlers MST CFX W, MST CFX W