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    I've been looking to build a 3d printer myself, but I'm having a hard time finding the "printed" parts in my area.
    Has anyone tried/priced out getting these through Shapeways? (Parts list here: Sample STL files here: )

    About 20 pieces total, 3x Bottom vertex, 3x Top vertex, 3x Vertical carriage, 3x Endstop holder, 3x Print surface holder, 1x End effector, 1x Retractable Z probe, 2x Power supply bracket.

    Thanks in advance, (& will post my results if no-one else has tried this)


    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Use the first link
    Open the part you want. Pick 'RAW'. Save the page as 'Text Document'. It will be saved as an stl file.
    Open the Stl in Some of the files need repairing, others although they are OK, would be rejected by Shapeways, due to thin walls. This wall will need to be increased to the minimum wall thickness, in whatever software you are familiar with.

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