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  1. Orange Man
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    Its late and I wanted to post a question, and maybe come back to see the answer later when I wake up.

    The journey that brought me here: I need a transparent toroid for an electrical project I'm doing. It seems there are none available online.

    But then, as I'm working out my ideas in Blender 3d (I'm a 3d modeller) it occurred to me I remember this place called Shapeways where I could probably create an entire model, toroid included, and have it sent to me.

    My question: Lets suppose I wish to create a transparent torus about the size of a dinner plate, transparent like glass. Can this be done here?

    Lets suppose I wish to include other elements in this design, as a luxury, such as mountings, battery casings, and so forth...can these be "printed" here too?

    How do costs work on a project like this? I'm fairly expert in 3d modeling, I upload to turbosquid and such, so that is not an issue. I just need advice on the physical aspect of things.

    Here is my website ; esla-magnifying-transmitter-aka-wardenclyffe-tower-a-technol ogical-work-of-art/

    Thank you. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. stop4stuff
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    Hi Orange Man,

    Welcome to Shapeways.

    The most transparent material that Shapeways offers is Frosted Ultra Detail (aka FUD), however the maximum print dimensions are 127 x 178 x 152mm. Second to FUD for transparency is Transparent Detail (TD), with maximum print dimensions of 490 x 390 x 200, TD has a yellow tint to it though.

    More information on the materials, including pricing, can be found via the Materials Page.

    If you've not got it already, I recommend NetFabb Basic for model checking and repairing. The software also has measuring tools to help you out as well as providing an overall model volume which helps figuring out pricing.

    As an aside, you might find more information about Tesla's mgnifying transmitter in Nikola Tesla Complete Patents, Ive not had a chance to look through yeat as I only tripped over a link to it this morning (coincedence or what?)

  3. Orange Man
    Orange Man New Member
    Thank you much! Regarding model accuracy, is it fairly dead-on, or does that change with material?
  4. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Printed dimensional accuracy is something I've never cared to get bogged down in as most of my models look as they should. Other Shapies have given info over time in the forums, and you'll find a bit about print accuracy on the various material pages via the earlier link.

    It might be worth putting a shout out in the General Discussion forum for opinions and experiences from other members.


  5. Orange Man
    Orange Man New Member
    Thank you for the answer. I stumbed on some of what you had mentioned, regarding print accuracy. I'll just design with some physical variability allowed.

    This system just seems miraculous. Is this used often for prototyping and such? I'm baffled at the possibilities that are opened up here.
  6. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Have a skim through the Shapeways Blog, 3D printing nowadays is not just for prototyping, but becoming an alternative production method for finished products... especially for items that couldn't be moulded or items that take intensive manual labour.
  7. Orange Man
    Orange Man New Member
    Will do. Thanks for all your help. This is very exciting.