New 2-sided And 3-sided Dice

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    Hi there,

    I am currently working on 2 new dice.
    Both are based on a regular 6-sided rounded die (a rounded cube) but with "trimmed" (or should I say "shaved") edges.
    By removing 4 or 3 edges on a cube you can obtain a 2-sided or 3-sided shape with non planar sides. These shapes are not new at all. But I modified them by intersecting those shapes with a sphere (like in my sphere dice) and by choosing a numbering that does not depend on the face you are seeing upward but on the opposite landing face (surprise: like in my sphere dice).
    The D2 is in red.
    The D3 is in blue.
    I could put each time 6 numbers on the 6 faces, but the faces would not have the same numbers (1-2-1 and 2-1-2 for the D2, and 1-2, 2-3, 3-1 for the D3). This is due once again to the number reflecting the landing face, not the face where they are. that why I preferred locating the numbers on the edges (and this also my signature in some way :)).
    What do you think?
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    By the way, this means that all the dice that are based on these shapes:
    and that are numbered with the same numbers on each face cannot work properly (and i have seen several of them, here or elsewhere). Unless you read the result on the landing face rather than on the face that is upside, of course. This is because those dice can stop on the curvy part of a face (where there used to be an edge of the cube) and if you do not number the die properly there will be an ambiguity.
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    OK, I was asked to make the versions of the D2 and D3 with numbers located on faces I was mentioning in my original post.
    They have the same shapes but, with their 6 numbers located on the faces of the underlying cube, these new dice look more "traditional", and will be probably more suitable for mass-production.
    In this way, you can choose the version you prefer.
    Here is a top view of how the dice could land when you roll them.
    When one of this dice will land on an edge, you could hesitate between two faces: but as they will have the same number, there is no ambiguity.
    Here are the links:
    - D2 Strange Die with numbers located on faces
    - D3 Strange Die with numbers located on faces

    Tell me if you like these new versions better.
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    In the same collection, I created the D1 Strange Die.
    Actually its shape is the dual shape of the D2: a Sphericon.
    The number 1 is repeated 8 times along its single face.
    Here is a CG rendering:
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    I arrived last year but I forgot to post a picture of the actual die:
    And here are the 3 Strange Dice all together:
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