New 1/1000 Scale Space 1999 SWIFTS

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    Hello ShapeWays World.

    I just thought I would share the newest creation to The Verse shop, here on ShapeWays. Since no one @The Verse is a 3D modeler, We had to hire out for modelers over the last few yrs. Some are way good. And then you find one that can take a few pictures and turn them into the most fantasic thing ever to hold.

    We hired such a 3D Modeler, Please if you will, meet @AndreiBuletin, Andrei took our pictures and created our newest model for The Verse. From the TV show of the 1970s, he created for us the Space 1999 ship SWIFT. I tried painting up a pair, But I ain't too good at it. PLUS It's super tiny, 28.7mm long. THAT'S IT!! I SWEAR!!

    Well today our first test prints arrived from ShapeWays. And I am telling you they are fantastic. So much so, I thought I would put them out there for ALL to see. If you like what you see. Come check out the other creations in our shop. Including the Space 1999 Eagles. All 4 different designs. IN 1/1000 SCALE!!

    Thank You ShapeWays for the skills and machines you used to help my dream come true. CAUSE I'M HOLDING IT RIGHT NOW!! LOL

    The Verse team; Samantha, Lynne & Marcie
    (we are all friends)