Need UPS Shipping cost to India?

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by wickedsunny, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Well the problem we are facing is because of paypal and creditcard companies rules shapeway cannot ship our models to our clients in US and Canada. They will have to ship first to us in India and then we will have to ship abroad. That might still work if we order in bulk but for that we need to know how much it costs for the UPS to delivery in India or nearby countries.

    Can anyone share their experience? even if you ordered to Singapore or China or Japan, we will get an idea of the costs.

    We are also looking to partner with someone in US who can print the model for us through shapeway and then ship worldwide saving us this whole trouble.

    In that case please let us know a quote for that as well.

    Thank you


  2. wickedsunny
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  3. pfeifferstylez
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    $19.99 ( ~ 1100 INR ) ... not including VAT/Sales Tax.


    But why can't Shapeways ship your models to US or Canadian customers (if they order them from Shapeways) ? :confused
  4. wickedsunny
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    Actually I am concerned about the import duty and other charges which UPS does not tell us about, like in Canada they charge a lot more on delivery.

    First shipping to India and then shipping back to US - means the cost will go very high. Plus if UPS imposes some extra charges, that will make it impossible to work out.

    I am actually giving these as gifts to my customers, so they will not be buying it directly but I will be shipping it to them. Still its business so money matters.

    imaterlialize and other such sites allow us to ship to any address, while shapeway is insisting to ship only to the billing address country due to paypal and other rules.

    Even other sites use paypal how can they ship?

    Basically if I am not living in US or Europe I am screwed :(. I cant use the the opportunity at the time when these stuff are in demand. By the time something will be done about it the opportunity will be gone.

    Still banging my head to find a way in.


  5. stonysmith
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    Can you explain more what rules you are having trouble with? Shapeways produces the models in the Netherlands and there is zero import duty coming from there to the US.

    There should be NO problem between any US buyer and Shapeways, regardless of where the designer lives.

    The only thing I could imagine as a problem is that if you do not have a Paypal account (in India) to recieve your shop payments.
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    @Stony This is indeed an existing shortcoming in the current system.

    For various (tax?) reasons we cannot order a model with payment account in country A, and then have it ship to country B.
    (dropshipping it is called I think?)

    I have run into this a few times.

    As to import duties in India, I have no idea
    I personally have not kept track of specific countries, but it seems Canada is the one of the most troublesome with import+carrier fees.
    I have seen happy NZ and Australians customers, so region of the world is not really of much influence (except in Initial shipping cost)

    It just seems to come down to local taxes/duties and UPS rates.
    This is not specific to Shapeways, so perhaps call your local UPS office and ask them which duties and taxes could apply?

    But yes ordering it yourself first and then ship on is bothersome.


  7. wickedsunny
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    My problem is that I will not be using the shop. My models will be purchased by me privately and then gifted to my clients who have helped me to gather funds for my video game. So most importantly they should not receive an invoice or any extra charges while shipping, otherwise that will just blow away all my efforts.

    I have been using paypal for half a decade now.

    Other 3D printing sites use paypal and still allow direct shipping to any country. So maybe Shapeway needs to check with paypal and make changes to the drop shipping system maybe add it as an option if it costs extra with taxes.

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  8. natalia
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    Hi Sunny,

    Just to let you know we are looking at changing our shipping options entirely, so this possibility may be something we can do soon.

    I will keep you updated if it is possible!

  9. wickedsunny
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    Thank You

    If that is possible it will solve all my troubles.

    Currently I am trying to get hold of a 3D services from all over the world plus also looking to buy a maker bot kind of 3D Printer for long run usage.

    If Shapeway can solve this problem, I will not need to mess with these and order only from here.