Need to model a 4.5"widex4" deep cylidrical strainer

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    I need a simple cylinder (I have dimensions but lack the skill to draw it) that has holes or mesh in the bottom of it.

    The cylinder will be 4.5" wide and 4" deep. It will have a bottom with say 1mm holes or so. At the top, which is open, it will have a flange 1/10".

    The object is shaped JUST like the strainer basket for a pool pump. It will sit inside a plastic jug whose opening is 4.72"

    Thickness of the finished product is 1mm

    Anybody up for the task?

    Thickness can be a bit more or less. Important thing is the strainer on the bottom, and the lip at the top to keep from falling inside the opening of the plastic bottle it will sit in.
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