Need To Make Large Amorphous Chandelier

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  1. chamlight
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    Hello All
    We need to make the attached chandelier. Material should some kind of metal with a bronze finish. Dimensions are 11 feet X 3 feet. LED strip inside. Any ideas, resources, designers, or possible factory would be helpful.


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  2. Shea_Design
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    No problem, $38,000.00 US - half down gets me started. -S
  3. Greaseball
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    The largest metal dimensions here would be about 30 inches using steel. To get something 11 feet in size you would need to have it assembled from multiple printed pieces.

    762 × 393 × 393 mm (Bronzed-Silver, Bronze, Black)
    178 × 178 × 178 mm (Gold, Nickel)
  4. kaadesign
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    In my country it's so hot outside,- I would buy a "hot wheels track" ... the sun would do the design you want.
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  5. designsoul
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    Let 2,000 monkeys play around on a scrap yard, one of them will likely produce the armature you are looking for.

    However a bit of CNC profile bending will come a long way - I am sending you a PM.