Need Strategy to export data from objects built in Secondlife

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by WizGarber, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. WizGarber
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    Sorry, I'm new here.

    Does anybody have advice about how to go about exporting Secondlife build object data out to formats that can be used by Shapeways?

    I do have an autoCAD file of one of my very complex objects. Are there limitations to what shapeways can handle? This particular object is 6,672 prims.
  2. loonsbury
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    I've seen interesting methods for exporting prebuilt scenes into external programs for texture baking... people use scripts in each prim to have it export its properties in a pm, then copy/paste into a file that you load via script in your modeler. It'd take some time to get it into a single surface mesh, but completely doable.

    Good luck on over 6k prims though. I suppose you could use one in a parent of each linked set but still tons of work.

    edit: unless you're talking about fully exported data, which I haven't worked with and may be against the SL eula?
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