Need someone to finish my project - really simple and quick

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  1. ItsVictorB
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    I need someone to help me finish my model. I'm designing a cuff bracelet and have designed it as a flat, 3D bar. I usually use the Shape Bender plugin for SketchUp to bend it, but it's not working with this one.

    I just need someone to take what I have and bend it into a bracelet for me. The dimensions are as follow (picture not to scale :D )


    I have both a sketchup file and a DAE file which I'll upload on here so that you can take a look at what you're dealing with. Right now it's scaled up 100x. It should be 3mm thick.

    Here is a link to a bracelet I did that is exactly the same but just a different design. It should look like that when finished.
    Link is here: <a href=" bf5b0b3ec3 " target="_blank"></a>

    Let me what we can work out. Thanks!

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  2. ItsVictorB
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    Here is the SketchUp file:

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  3. stop4stuff
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    Hi ItsVictorB,

    I took a quick look at your model with a view to bending the bracelet, unfortunately the construction is not one that works with the methods I use - the band is made up of very few triangles which are all lengthways, it needs to be made up of many triangles that go across the width of the band.

    I can reconstruct the band to make it 'bend' friendly, however ther is a fair bit of work involved. Send me a PM if you like to discuss further.

  4. BabaJaiy
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    Hi Victor...I can do this for you if you haven't had someone already contact you.

    Just a couple questions about measurements - haven't opened your file since I would be able to do it just from this image you have provide getting the same contours.

    As you have posted I'm assuming the leaders you have are to be for overall height, width and opening - your leader lines seem a bit off. Don't know if you wanted that on purpose.

    Also, how wide is the metal band to be itself in addition to being 3mm thick?


    Also what material do plan on using to have printed?

    I just looked at your model in Sketchup and saw all the stars and raised lettering.

    When you said 3mm thick I was assuming you were planning on going with the Shapeways metal since 3mm is the minimum thickness.

    However, still even with a 1mm minimum for detail( metal ) I'm afraid you models stars will not print out to look like stars and the letters themselves will not be nearly as "crisp" looking as in your model - due to the small size.

    Additionally, although the edge of your bracelet is 3mm thick, the interior with the letter and stars cut out leave portions thinner than 3mm thick which may be a problem when it comes to printing.

    Thought you should take this into consideration.

    If you still really want to give it a try as is, I can still model it and just see how it actually turns out if printable.

    As an alternative I could just do raised lettering with a few large stars to each side of the phrase.

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  5. ItsVictorB
    ItsVictorB New Member
    I appreciate everyone's interest. This project has been taken care of.

    Thanks for your time. It is appreciated.
  6. FrankB
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