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    I run a small vacuum forming business. I make a lot of custom blister for vintage toys like Transformers and in the past I have been making dies out of plywood, but I am not that great of a woodworker. This is the proces of making the dies. If you are good with cutting plywood you can rout outthe shape of the bubble( this way you can slide the bubble into the hole) Cut the size you want the lip of the bubble all the way around then sand the corners to roundness you want. This will make a tracing board for a router or dremal. Mke sure you have a flush cut bit with barring. I found it would be very easy if you had a router table. This way you just hold the plywood die and rout all the way around the plywood. This will make the cut identical to what you made the plywood piece.

    I hope this made sense. Now here is my question. I recently traced the blister I want to make a die for. I scanned the outline into my computer. What do I need to do to turn this scan into something i can print?

    I added a file so everyone can take a look.

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