need some modeling help with wire mesh basket!

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  1. pablomatteoda
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    I want to print a model for one design exhibition (15 days remains), so I need quick tips please!

    This is a tea infuser, I´ve modelated it in Solidworks and rendered it in Hypershot. But it´s only a texture, not a modeled net!

    My main problem, is that the tea basket, I don´t know if it printable, it has 1mm holes and 0,3mm of wire thickness.
    Also, don´t have a clue about how to make the mesh in solidworks, and I´m just a beginner of 3ds...

    The full object is about 45x45x45

    please help!


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  2. LincolnK
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    Very cool looking piece!

    But, I don't think you should print this if you are planning to actually use it. None of the materials here are food safe.

    If you are only showing it, and not actually going to drink any tea that goes through it, you still have some problems.

    I don't think SW can print it and get it to you in the mail in less than 15 days.

    I would consider making the cool shark fin to fit a wire mesh tea infuser that already exists, and then just put the pieces together.

    You can't make anything in Stainless Steel that is thinner than 1mm.

    Good luck with working it out. I love the design.
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