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  1. GigaBread
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    This is a model I've been trying to get okayed for awhile now. It's called "Luck Be A Lady Ninja Tonight" and will be intended for 1:18 scaled actions figures and figurines. It was created by taking a base model and altering it using Sculptris.

    The current specs are
    110899 points
    333297 edges
    222198 triangles
    14 shells
    model is manifold and oriented

    I can run it through netfabb basic manually, but if I run it through the cloud site or try to upload here, it generates a "calculation fail" error. I guess at this point I want to figure out, where exactly my issue might ly rather than endlessly running it through automated repair programs and generating the same errored result.
  2. christopherlowe
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    how is there 14 shells?
    that looks like 1 piece- the head.

    this might be the issue, but i would also ask if you are trying to make it hollow... that process might be the issue as well.

    other wise export it out as an obj and send it to me and i can take a look.

  3. GigaBread
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    The file began as a head form with openings at the eyes and neck but everything appears to be cleaned up either with some work I did in Hexagon, or with Netfabb Basic.

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  4. stonysmith
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    You have each eyeball as two spheres, and it looks like they may be co-incident. I would try removing one of each of them.

    The 14 shells comes from the fact that the detail around and including the eyes has not been welded into single shell with the main head. Not that you have to, but you might try welding it all into one shell and see if that helps.

    There also seems to be quite a bit of "rough" area on the right jawbone, almost back to the ear. Lots of very small inverted triangles back there (and in the ear itself). I would try to smooth that out, and fix the flipped triangles... That may reduce the amount of processing that the two upload sites are having to go thru.