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  1. sefsefsef
    sefsefsef New Member is looking for help designing a 3d model of famous composers, starting with one, to give donors that support our project.

    We'd like to start with Frederic Chopin, and are happy to pay for your time


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  2. Ming
    Ming Well-Known Member
  3. sefsefsef
    sefsefsef New Member
    Hi, thanks for writing.

    What would you charge for the work? Do you know what shapeways would charge for me to print one of the busts? Would ceramic work or would it be too blurry?
  4. Ming
    Ming Well-Known Member
    hi, tks for reply.
    what is the print size that you've in mind ?
    i think its not too appropriate to quote you in this forum.
    could you email me in private and i'll provide you the quote and to discuss further of the job :)
    my email is