Need Simple Logo Made 3D To Slap on Draft Beer Machine ;)

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    Hey guys, I need to make the logo in the top left of the following site I'm developing made into a 3D version:

    If you scan down the page, you'll see the logo on the front of a draft beer machine. We're using the machine to sell Kombucha in bars in restaurants.

    We also need a plan to stick it to the front of the machine. Probably super glue can just handle it.

    Contact me, and let me know if you're capable of it, and how you'd go about it, how much you'd charge, etc, and any questions you might have. We just need the logo to be about 3 inches wide, 1 inch tall, and about half an inch deep. Something like that.

    ps. the photoshop .psd of the logo are attached.

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