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    I do wood carving with draw knife and chisel in Kentucky and a blacksmith in Arizona is going to make pieces to fit in my work. I need to send him a piece that he can use as a model to check fit of his pieces to mine. Rather than send him a sample of my work with all the imperfections common to doing work by hand, I would like to 3D print an idealized model for him to work against.

    Unfortunately, I have no experience with autoCAD or any other 3D modeling program and no idea how much such a project would cost. Help!
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    For now, let me see if I can describe it to you. It is a single object made from one piece of material with three sections. It doesn't move or have any joints. All three sections share a centerline. The whole thing is about 12 inches long (but the length isn't exact and can be several inches shorter or longer).

    The first section is a cylinder with an oval cross section, 1.5" x 1" and 5"-6" long

    The third section is also strait and 5"-6" long, but has a flattened hexagon for a cross section. The hex is 2" wide at the widest with the sides at the widest point 3/4" tall. The height of the the flattened hex is 1.5" point-to-point perpendicular to the width. You can go to ostream to see the shape I am talking about. Imagine the third section of the thing we building fitting snugly through that hole.

    The middle section is a flattened cone, extending at a 45 degree angle from the axis of the cylinder out to the third section. I don't know if I can describe the line between the second and third section, but the four sides touching the top and bottom points of the hex cut through the cone, making the cone look sort of Y-shaped from above.
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