Need simple 2 piece, threaded container made

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  1. bforutan
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    Hi guys,

    I need the image below made. It consists of two pieces, which can be screwed together using 4 rather large threads. It does not have to be water or air tight. If you can print it for me, all the better. I live in San Diego, Ca. my email is if you wanted to contact directly. I need this by end of the week, if not sooner, please.

  2. Donno
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    PM sent...
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  3. basacwards
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    here is a rough idea of your design. Let me know if you like my work and i shall continue to finish it. Thanks

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  4. bforutan
    bforutan New Member

    Please make sure the threads really work, ie I can turn one bowl to fasten to the other!!
  5. basacwards
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    Okay sounds good