Need ring made - with engraving and hollow top

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  1. jamesspada
    jamesspada New Member
    If possible all engraving Helvetica.
    Top center hollow, Top square and Cross not engraving but cutout., same with side rectangle - cutout not engraving.

    For some reason, unable to proceed with ring maker.

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  2. Matthijs1992
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  3. stop4stuff
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    Hi James,

    This kind of model is a design that I really enjoy getting my teeth into. Font & design elements are not an issue, however your choice of material for the ring may prove to have some interesting challenges to make the design elements balance with each other.

    Shoot me a PM if you're still looking for someone to help you out.

  4. CADNinja
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    PM Sent
  5. FrankB
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