Need modeler: 1:1 full-head helmet, Zero (Borderlands 2)

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  1. mightysox
    mightysox New Member
    As part of a costume, I need to have a full-face helmet. It's a very strange size...

    Some images of Zero:

    It would most likely have to hinge at the top, and I'll worry about the electronics later (more my area of expertise). I'd need some advice for what material to print it out of. Ideally the front would be at least somewhat possible to see through.

    I can provide head measurements, too. I'd like this thing to be as snug as possible.
    Please send estimates and any related work from your portfolio. I'd love to get working on this as soon as possible.

    Email address is my username
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  2. ComesToLife
    ComesToLife New Member
    What you are asking can easily be done, but it will be expensive to print. Probably more expensive than to model...
    Reply to me via PM with your budget and if I can help you.

    P.S> I have an access to a printer at the office that is limited in size, but maybe cheaper then online printing services.
  3. codexehow
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    ComesToLife is correct in that this would be a very expensive print.

    $2000 or thereabouts.

    I recently did a skull mask for a client. I told him repeatedly that it would be costly to print, and yet somehow, he still managed to be shocked at Shapeways and other's quotes.

    If you're okay with the printing cost, I can model this for you in about 3 days in Zbrush.

    Output file will be .STL.

    Price varies depending on the level of detail you need, but overall, I can offer you a very reasonable price.


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  4. ComesToLife
    ComesToLife New Member
    Don't think it will be that much... mostly due to the fact that you do not print the whole head. just the shape of the mask, so in theory its not that much material, but it would be still costly. of cause its also depends on the material you are using. I have my own printer and can print that in plastic even if you go with other artists than myself. Difference is... I charge for the service of printing and material if you use someone else, but in case you use me for design, printing through me is included in the cost.

  5. codexehow
    codexehow New Member
    I designed a hollow and fairly thin mask at around 11 inches in plastic and Shapeways quoted $2000.
  6. mightysox
    mightysox New Member
    Hey guys - thanks for the feedback.

    My designer warned me up front of the cost - I'm cool with it.
    I might do the large front piece in a lens material - significantly reducing the cost.

    I might convert to a pepakura file and do the whole thing in paper/fiberglass.

    I might finally grow a sack and buy a printer - print it myself. This might cost as much, but at least I'll have a printer when I'm done...

    Thanks again for the feedback, I'll let you guys know what I find (or post pictures) when it's done.