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  1. AtomicBricks
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    Hello All

    I'm looking to have someone who is capable of making small models that can be used to go into molds to create plastic items from,

    Looking for someone who can produce models for Lego sized items and figures.
    This will include things from armor, shoulder gear, and helmets (some with attachments)

    Please contact me back with an image of some sort to show items you have made in the past, if things go well with a first model then I'll continue to get more when the funds become available.

    Thank you :D and a Happy New Year to all
  2. codexehow
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    My site is below, in my sig. I've created a lot of organic forms that have been printed, including the skull mask you can see in my portfolio. I'm updating all the time, so feel free to drop in from time to time.

    You can reach me on Skype: tommycharles3d
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