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    I want to make a sculpt of some characters for printing. This is my first time printing a sculpture, and I want to make sure its suitable for printing from the start. I made this prototype of the composition. (see attachement)

    I understand that I need alot of support structures for this kind of posing and I want to build them so that they are part of the scene. So the question is: Where is the best place to add support structures? The outer points of the characters (hands/ feet etc)? the center of mass?. (If it makes sense to add additional support for printing that i can remove later, I would need more info on that, too)
    Also, I am unsure about wich material to use. I want it to be colored and I read that sandstone is great for figurines, but I fear that it will be toodelicate to work.

    If someone needs to crush my dreams and tell me this is impossible, thats ok, too. I'll just have fun with a crazy sculpt then :p

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    You don't need supports to print it. Versatile Plastic is printed in a bed of powder. The printer fuses the powder where your print is. The surrounding powder then acts as support. Detail Plastic used a support structure made of wax, that is melted away afterwards. However, you need something to hold the child in place after it is printed. So, you can go with whatever you can imagine, it just needs to be thick enough to hold the weight.
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    Thats a good info already thanks. I guess I'll wrap my head around the design for some colums and whatnot then