Need help with getting correct earring Posts scale

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    It's been awhile since i've had to model something to real world scaling, (working in Maya) and I am a little worried i'm not getting the post of the earrings to scale, or even it's even something that can be made with the 3D printing. Looking at 16 and 18 guages, and they will be done using stainless steal. If anyone can either pass along some scale notes, or if there is a good pre-made model for it, I would be most appreciative of it.
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    It *may* be a little tough to print straight earring posts in stainless steel or silver as usually they are between 1mm-1.5mm thick and this is below the limit of metal printing. (Minimum free wire in stainless is 3mm

    If the design permits it, I would 3D print the rest of the earring and then solder on the posts afterwards.

    I hope that helps!
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    Sterling Silver may also not be sutable as the alloy can contain copper or nickel (or both) :(

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    Thanks. I will have to look into different post i could order, and try and adjust the model to having them added on after.
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    Do they have to be posts?
    If you send service an email with the these words in the subject line and nothing else.
    Please add packing instructions to my model.
    and the url of your model in the text body.
    Shapeways will add earring hooks to your model for free, and send you an email comfiming.
    Have a look at one of my earring models in my shop.
    Here is a stl file of an earring hook for reference purposes only.

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    The design i was going for was something similar to this, [​IMG]

    one version was going to be similar size for the ear lob, another i wanted smaller for a cartilage hoop.

    Thank you very much for the reference model, it will definitely give me a better idea of how big my model is right now.