Need help with design AND 3D printing - small ring design

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    Hey guys and gals! I've got a very special project in mind, but it's outside my (non-existent) skills as an artist to complete, so I'm turning to the experts.

    A Little Background
    So, I'm planning a marriage proposal for my ladyfriend. I want to do something special and memorable. However, even though I want to buy her an engagement ring, it's rather important to me that she be able to pick it out herself. So when I do the actual proposing, I want to have a placeholder.

    I'll spare the backstory for now, but something that's sort of an inside joke for the two of us involves glowsticks. We've each worn an old glowstick on our wrists for a long time, and it's a running gag we use from time to time. So that gave me a pretty cool idea.

    The Project
    What I want is an engagement ring, but with two very important traits:
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    [*] The ring must be made of translucent plastic
    [*] It must be hollow, and have a stopper (probably the "gemstone" piece) so that it can be opened

    The idea here is that I'm going to fill the ring with a glowing fluid like the stuff used in glowsticks before I put the ring in the box and take a knee.

    I can provide plenty more detail if someone's willing to take up the project, but I'm also posting here to get a sense of whether this is feasible/easy. Any feedback you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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    I sent a pm.
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    Hello I have a lot of experience with rings. We would love to make this for you. Plazas contact us at