Need help with 3D modeling and printing, face-to-face in San Francisco Bay area

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    Hi! We're a small creative studio developing a cool project. We need a helper to take hand-made ceramic maquettes, and turn them into high quality 3D prints. We supply the art, you help develop a process. Help us with testing to find the best way to get efficiency and quality in scanning, modeling, and printing. After that, we may ask for ongoing help to manage the process. The more skill you apply, the more opportunity it can bring.

    Our maquettes are created by a pro ceramic artist. Here's a quick rough video with samples: Getting 3D models could use a method like laser scanning and cleanup, or we have 360-degree photo sequences shot on a turntable that can go to a 3D modeler. Once 3D models are ready, they could go to a site like Shapeways. It might depend on how well the models translate into prints, the material quality, and whether there are alternative ways to print with local companies.

    If you do modeling, that would be cool. Even if you don't, you could work with a contract modeler, and help set up a Shapeways account or manage a web store as an ongoing role. Please get in touch and tell us about your skills, and we'll tell you more about the project.

    You can contact me directly at: patsatwork (at) gmail (dot) com