Need help on 2 small jewelry projects

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by rdean, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. rdean
    rdean New Member
    vashon copy.jpg
    I am looking for someone who could create Shapeways ready file from this jpg should be the size of a small pendant.

    Also looking for a 3D casting of an Orca Whale - in a charm bracelet size

    In case you're wondering the image is a picture of Vashon Island, I am wanting to turn this into a 3D mold.

    Please send me time frame/quote
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  2. animerb
    animerb New Member
    that isthmus in the middle of the island is going to me an issue. both in 3d printing or in traditional casting techniques. that's a really thin chunk of material in that spot. have you thought about having some sort of outline around the whole pendant?
  3. rdean
    rdean New Member
    yes and in fact I am also considering turning the image into something whimsical again a solid background. I have an artist from working on turning the island into a dragon driving a Buick which I should have in a couple of days.

    vashon dragon.jpg
  4. kevinweinewyork
    kevinweinewyork New Member
    Hi, I'd like to work with you on this project. PM sending now ;)