Need help hollowing a design

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    I have a design that I need "hollowed". It is currently too thick to be cost effective. If anyone would help me I would be very thankful. I don't possess the necessary skills or understanding of 3d modeling software to perform this task myself. The original design was made using Google SketchUp!

    Thanks again.

    greg johnson
  2. er1c
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    you can try using blender, which is open source & free
    I did mine with blender as well, all the info/instructions I found on this forum

    if I remember correctly:
    export from google sketch as Google Earth 4 *.kmz file
    change the file extension to *.zip
    unzip and find the model file inside directory 'model' (a *.dae file)

    install blender (might also need to install python to get the importer to work)
    might also want to install meshlab and run to clean up the model / check for non-manifold edges

    import dae file in blender
    select object
    -go into edit mode
    del a few faces to make holes in out of the way spots so 'hollow' material can drain out
    select all
    mesh - scripts - solidify selection (close edges)
    play around with the solidify value to get the right thickness
    export file as collada dae file (or *.stl but I haven't been able to get that exported file to work)

    I think there's also a tutorial on how to hollow out a model, in one of the recent blog entries:
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