Need help for possible commercial product (magic trick)

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    Need help for possible commercial product (magic trick)

    I am looking for an affordable professional 3D CAD designer/engineer to help me create a molded thin plastic prototype for a possible commercial product sold to magicians. I want to see if my idea for a relatively simple "gimick" can be made a reality, and if successfully so, eventually market it as an inexpensively mass produced trick.

    Familiarity with 3D Printers is essential as I have never gone about doing something like this before (creating something in 3D, not magic marketing - for I have created & sold a successful trick in the past), and a little hand holding may be necessary to point me in the right directions to make the idea in my head a reality.

    I believe I will need it engineered on CAD in a format compatible with 3D printers. If you can show me some engineering design examples that shows designs you have done that have been modeled, it will make things a lot easier to pick someone that I think would work best.

    Once I narrow down those interested in the project, I can provide more details on exactly what I'm looking after signing a confidentiality agreement. I'm sure it won't be necessary, but the magic society as a whole is very secretive, and protective of their ideas. I hope you understand.

    I will say that I'm currently a struggling writer, so I can't spend a ton for this project. It should be relatively simple to do, so I'm hoping to get it done reasonably priced. I will say that it most likely will be fun to do, and if I do eventually market the trick, I would be more then willing to give a percentage of the profits for your help as well.

    Thank you for your time & consideration - I look forward to finding the perfect partner for this project. :)

    Christopher Dearman
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    Hi Christopher,

    Welcome to Shapeways :)

    I've sent you an email.