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  1. ryanmac97
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    So, basically I designed a pendant and ordered it. However, before it went into production it was rejected because there were "multiple shells where there shouldn't be". I have tried various programmes, but because I have only started 3D modelling I could not fix the problem. I'm sure to many this is a particularly easy fix; so I have uploaded the file here and hope someone can fix it for me.
    Any help is greatly appreciated,
    Ryan McCafferty

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  2. denali3ddesign
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    Welcome to Shapeways, Ryan!

    I imported your model into Sketchup and found some errors, mostly reversed faces and interior geometry. I'm guessing that you're using Sketchup - if so, take a look at this thread where I helped another user fix his model with the same problems, and see if you can figure it out from there.

    If you still need help, just post back here, and someone will get you taken care of!

  3. ryanmac97
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    Well, thanks Marcus! :D
    So, I had a quick runthrough of the thread, and I've got to work fixing the reversed faces. I'm afraid I don't completely understand the interior geometry, is that unnecessary shapes and lines inside the model? If so, is it simply a matter of deleting them? I must say, I have to commend you on such a speedy reply to a topic made not five minutes ago!
  4. denali3ddesign
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    Yes, just delete the interior stuff. Basically there should be no geometry inside the model - it needs to be a complete shell with no holes to the outside.

    Think of your model as an empty container for your 3D print. Anything inside your container will interfere with the print.

    Re the speedy reply...sigh, I have no life :( :laughing:

  5. underitall
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    Hi Ryan,
    Another SketchUp user here.
    Just a tip, to see inside the model using the "Hide" function is good. Right click on a face and click Hide, then when you're done deleting the unnecessary stuff inside, go to Edit>Unhide All/Last.
    Hope this helps, and look forward to seeing your prints,
  6. ryanmac97
    ryanmac97 New Member
    Thanks marcus, I would never have known how to fix the pendant otherwise :D
    So, should fixing the reversed faces and deleting the internal geometry fix the 'loose' shells?
  7. ryanmac97
    ryanmac97 New Member
    Thanks for that tip, Tom! :)
    I usually have to delete the face to look inside, and it can take some time to replace them all one by one! :confused
  8. denali3ddesign
    denali3ddesign New Member
    Yes, that should take care of it. If not, the Solid Inspector plugin will find any other mistakes.

    Another trick (besides hiding faces) is to Edit>Cut a face (or several faces), then Edit> Paste in Place to replace it. This is useful if you have hidden geometry turned on.

  9. ryanmac97
    ryanmac97 New Member
    So, everything should be fine and dandy now, but I'll upload the .dae file just incase. Netfabb fixed some issues that remained after reversing faces and deleting the internal geometry, like a hole or two and some 'bad orientations'(?). But thanks a lot marcus :laughing:

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  10. denali3ddesign
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    Well, I get a few error messages where you have lines that are shared by more than 2 faces. By definition, a "Solid" manifold mesh has lines that are shared by EXACTLY 2 faces.

    If you look at the pic you can see some of the errors (there are 9 total, all the same error). You'll need to move those points apart ever so slightly, or connect them by more than a single line. I'll let you figure out the best way to do that. :)


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