Need Help Fixing Model To Be 3d Printable

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  1. ecbroekhuis
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    Hello folks, as the title says I have a 3D model which needs to be made so it can be 3D printed.

    the scale is 1/285 (think King tiger size/scale).

    The reason i cannot do it myself is, because the model has an huge amount of polygons (like 1-10 million), and my average working computer cannot handle that task.

    So I would like someone who can reduce the polygon size/make it 3D printable.
    (File size is 1,45GB so I cannot upoad it here).

    I put an image from google there, so you can see what model it would be.
    And no I did not steal this, I can show proof that I orderd the model.

    Regarding the price I have no idea what is common.

    Edit: I also have a 3D model I would like to have made seperate from this file.
    The japanese shinden fighter, suitable for Axis & Allies 1942 board game.

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  2. Echoco
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    I suspect you'll need the model designed with 3D printing from the start. From your description the file might also include texture, not needed. The high polygon count tells me the model it very detailed and most of that will probably not pass the wall thickness requirement, the tracks is the prime suspect. It'll be easier and quicker to design a new model.
  3. Anyuta3D
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    Dear Erik Broekhuis / ecbroekhuis,

    Regarding your request for the multi-million polygons 3D model, feel free to PM for details and maybe could help. As addition on your second request for the WWII-era Japanese Shinden aircraft miniature, since we are mostly specialized on building models for scale model industries, we already have the 3D model ready so I think this could also be OK for you.

    Waiting for your news.

    Anyuta 3D


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  4. monk3947
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    you can upload it to dropbox,i have experience to edit stl files,maybe i can help you