Need Help: Dungeons and Dragons Special Mini Commission

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    My name is Josh and I am hoping to commission a very special single plastic miniature moulded and painted in the style/size of Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder/Paizo. I have been writing a story that I have also been using as a catalyst setting for a monthly Roleplaying group that my girlfriend has been a part of for years. In this story my girlfriend plays a character that factors into my story and she is just crazy in love with her. So, for Christmas (or her birthday in February) I am hoping to commission a single miniature creation of this character so she can use it in the game or lock it up in a display case, whatever she wants to do. I think this present would make her decade and I am really excited about making it happen..

    If you are able and willing or have any information on how I could make this happen please contact me at

    Thank you!