Need help decorating/coloring my St. Valentine's gift

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  1. feiteira
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    I designed a Box representing a fictional card "Four of Butterflies" that once printed will hold inside a music box and function also as a simple box.

    However I don't know how to color it and prepare for printing (I would like to have it printed in colored sandstone).

    My girlfriend's favorite colors are Violet and Turquoise (however she dislikes baby blue).

    Could you please help me out? Artistic freedom is allowed and expected :)


    I can pay a small amount.

    I can also export to other format if desired.

    I've attached a zip with the OpenSCAD, required STLs and a picture.

    The music box to be inserted is like this: [​IMG]

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  2. Dotsan
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  3. feiteira
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    The walls are 5mm thick.

    The format is OpenSCAD but can be exported to a number of formats, including STL.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks and best regards.
  4. Dotsan
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  5. feiteira
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    Thanks :D

    I've attached the file.


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