Need Help Deciding What Material Would Be Best

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  1. paintballguy
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    Hey guys,

    New to this website and forum. To keep it short im a paintball guy who needs to print a trigger for a marker I have.
    I was originally looking at Gold Steel as that would look pretty cool but noticed that the holes where some screws and bearings may go may be a size smaller or larger due to the material. What material would you guys recommend?

    Attached is the 3D model I was going to use from the company.


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  2. Rob_T_Firefly
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    Unfortunately, paintball gun triggers are prohibited by Shapeways' content policy. We cannot produce paintball guns, or core-function parts for them such as triggers.
  3. Ngineer
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    That's not a trigger, it's a pendant of a Dynosoarus Rhinoceroidus Specialis skull, can't you see that?
    You could use Versatile Plastic for a test run (or finished product) and steel in any form for the final version. How tight are the tolerances on the holes? If you want to be absolutely sure make the hole smaller and drill it out to spec. Otherwise I'd just try it out...