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  1. Omnihuron
    Omnihuron New Member
    Hello modellers,

    I am looking for a Game Boy Advance case model, which I guess would include a top half and bottom half, and all of the plastic buttons. I want to then blow it up to be able to house a 4.3" screen and a Raspberry Pi and battery. Is this possible?

  2. Nick_Heymer
    Nick_Heymer New Member
    First off this sounds like a GREAT idea!

    Are you looking to to a scale model based on your screen size?
    How much detail are you looking for, cause I can whip up a concept pretty fast.
    Also I would need some dimensions on what you want in the guts, as far as the Pi and batteries and buttons.
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  3. Omnihuron
    Omnihuron New Member
    Thanks, glad you like it! Yes I am looking for a GBA that is blown up to scale until it can fit a 4.3" screen. The actual dimensions of the screen are:

    Length 4.7"
    Width: 3.2"

    That is with the bezel, which I actually like, so I plan on leaving it on. The whole thing can be re-sized with scale because it is very small for kids' hands and I would want to make it larger anyway, for my adult hands :p

    As for detail, I actually don't want all that much. It can barely resemble a GBA for all I care. What I really need it the correct placement of buttons, especially the L and R, and the screen.

    Thanks for looking in to this! :D
  4. Nick_Heymer
    Nick_Heymer New Member
    Here is a quick shell I made up.
    The cutaway is to show the reinforcements, I still have to punch holes for the R L and Start and Sel. buttons but you get the Idea.

    I'll have to finish it up later, all out of time for today.

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  5. Omnihuron
    Omnihuron New Member
    WOW, that's perfect! Great job! Is this the top half? Or the whole thing and it just needs to be cut in two halves?

    Looks amazing though, I like how it retains the GBA shape.
  6. Nick_Heymer
    Nick_Heymer New Member
    I need to know how you want to secure the two halves, I can easily put in studs for screws but I need to know what you're going to put in the guts and where so I can position them properly.

    Here is an updated model with two colors so you can see the difference in the halves, it's even got the Nintendo logo on the face!

    One idea might be to get the two halves printed in cheap plastic and do a mock up to make sure components fit, the inside clearance is only 26mm now.


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  7. Omnihuron
    Omnihuron New Member
    Hmm can you bump up the clearance to 40mm? I have a screen, Raspberry Pi, and battery going in. And a couple circuits for buttons, but those will be very flat. I am hoping to put most of the components next to each other since it is longer than deeper. I will definitely try printing out different prototypes. For now maybe the screws can just go near the ends to make sure nothing is obstructed by them. Send me the files whenever and I will try printing this out with the campus printer. Thanks a bunch again!
  8. Nick_Heymer
    Nick_Heymer New Member
    Here's a Step file of the assembly with all the components I even did the buttons as individual components, ( they may need to be modified to meet specific circuit boards).

    Let me know if you need a different file type, ie: each individual component with its own .stl file.

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