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Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by WhereMyShapesAre, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. WhereMyShapesAre
    WhereMyShapesAre New Member
    A file I recently tried to upload had this sequence of problems.
    Sixteen bad edges,
    two bad contours,
    five shells,
    two possible noise shells,
    one hundred and sixty-eight overlapping triangles, and
    one hundred and thirty-one intersecting triangles.

    Who can help me with fixing all of those, and how if so?

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  2. dymihail
    dymihail New Member
    Put it in STL and I'll have a go at it.
  3. WhereMyShapesAre
    WhereMyShapesAre New Member
    Let's see if this works.

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  4. iguffick
    iguffick New Member
    Check your PM !

    You sent me a PM asking for help on this model, I replied back both telling you what was wrong and with a fixed model !
  5. WhereMyShapesAre
    WhereMyShapesAre New Member
    This mainly to Ian:

    This is an apology for bothering you, if that was what I did. :oops: :rolleyes: :blush:
  6. iguffick
    iguffick New Member
    You have not bothered me, but as you are still posting for help, I presume you haven't seen the PM I sent you.

    I was just reminding you to check your private messaging!