need designer/modeler for 3D wire "art"

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  1. ychirea1
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    imgres.jpeg It's called a genesa crystal.

    I'd like to have a bunch of these constructed in different sizes with wire or plastic to hang as art, chimes, etc.

    will pay reasonable $$, thanks!
  2. baltimore
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  3. ychirea1
    ychirea1 New Member
    Lots off good interest here.

    Thank you all for being so helpful. :laughing: :laughing:

  4. mctrivia
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    here it is in 3d.


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  5. ychirea1
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    this is not come through pls try again
  6. ychirea1
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    i see it now;
    can you replicate that with different materials? same diameter, width, dimensions to scale? this looks very fine
  7. AleaGray
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