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Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by ppragados, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. ppragados
    ppragados New Member
    Good Evening,

    I am interested in a custom "flask" so to speak. I need to be able to put cold liquid into it, with a screw top to ensure a tight sea in food/liquid safe material. If the material is transparent it would be a huge plus. Small object that fits the in an adult hand.

    Please contact me if this is something you are interested in working with. Please PM me for specifics for you to give me a quote. A "portfolio" would of your previous work would be greatly appreciated.

    Looking forward to doing business with you,

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  2. Keymaker
    Keymaker Well-Known Member
    creating model isn't going to be problem. I am just not sure about appropriate material and if it possible to create screw top without leaking any water.

    Well if someone can do it. let me know how :)
  3. ppragados
    ppragados New Member
    Thank you for that very good point. I am trying to do research on other "water tight enclosure" methods via 3d printing.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Eloines
    Eloines New Member
    You could create an extra rubber ring around the lid to make sure it stays where it should be. It's what all of my glass pots and bottles have and it works great. I'm not sure how to make a screwing mechanism myself either but it shouldn't be hard to figure out..
  5. Ronsaki
    Ronsaki Well-Known Member
    It's not really a problem of food screwing mechanism. Some simple thread can be created, or some other kind of closing mechanism.

    Problem is that only ceramics is listed as a food-safe material, and it doesn't seem like a good material choice for a flask.