Need candy mold shapeways ready file, design provided, just need 3d modeler

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  1. alinalandry
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    I need to make some a custom mold that I would use to make chocolate bars, lollipops, icecream bars?
    I have the typographical design and I even had created it in cinema 4d... I could give you those files or the jpg tiff and typography so you can make me a mold that I could then print in Shapeways to make the candy... etc. for example: hard-candy-mold-p-25064.html
    I am attaching a still of 3d type for the mold version we would have to stack the typefaces one over the other.

    Please contact me with your hourly fee and estimated time it would take you to make me this and with some examples of your 3d modeling.

    thank you,


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  2. Vidalcris
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  3. Ming
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    i've done tons of candies mold. please attached sample.
    and also the link to my portfolios which you can see more candies that i doing for disney ....etc

    if interested, please email to my personal email add as i don't check this site mail often :)
    email :

    ming soap.jpg
  4. DrWhoJohnSmith
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    sorry if I seem the poor backwards creator I use tinkercad and made some molds awhile back I hope their useful

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