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    Edit: model has arrived 0&#msg_46200


    i need help understanding the tolerances of a push fit.

    i want to make the socket out of SF and the plug out of full color sandstone :

    1. if the socket is 2.8mm on all sides then does the plug have to be smaller ?....if so what should the offset be. i want the plugs to be removeable with a reasonable amount of pressure, but nothing that may cause damage

    2. the step within the 0.2 too small?
    i dont want it to be crisp, just big enough that it will stop the plug working its way out the other side

    3.i have put a fillet of 0.3 on all corners of the triangle, so that i get a neater edge ......will this do anything? the whole thing too small (aesthetically)? i was debating making the overall plug width 4m. and a adjusting accordingy.

    i have looked at alot of the material rules, but i find them confusing , any help would great!

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    Hey there
    The best fit is to make the male and female parts the exact same dimensions if they are the same material

    0.2mm is too small though. I would go 0.4 absolute minimum. Ideally at least 0.6

    This also depends whether it will be under any stress?

    Best of luck
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    thanks for the reply

    they wont be the same i want the fuller colour range sandstone has to offer.

    ill see if i can work .6 in but may change the design too much.
    most i will get out of my current idea is .4

    do you know if sandstone is as accurate as SF when used with small detail?

    back to the drawing board it seems!

    kind regards