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  1. greensky
    greensky New Member
    Hi everyone!

    I'm designing 3D Models for 3 years now and printed some of them, but I'm new to shapeways.
    I can create STL and WRL (with textures) files.

    My profile:
    My rate: 15€ per hour.

    Example for the price:
    I created my Pikachu in about 1h, because I had a good image as reference.
    The texturing took about 3h (It took only that long, because I had no reference and tried a few things).

    The train 4042 took about 20h to design. (It was a long process, because of the exact match to the equivalent object in real live)

    To estimate the price, some pictures and/or drawings would be helpful.
    If you agree to let me place the model in my shop for public sale, I'll give 50% discount.

    If you have a job for me, feel free to send me a PM.

    Best Regards, Chris
  2. greensky
    greensky New Member
    I have just finished my first project for a shapeways customer successfully. :D

    I look forward to new inquiries.
  3. greensky
    greensky New Member
    Here are some renders of my new product.

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  4. kilowarning
    kilowarning New Member
    Was looking to get a model done of a penguin and of a cat. I have pictures of exactly what I want done. Just get back to me and let me know if you're able to do this for me and we'll get things going :) Hope to hear back from you.

  5. greensky
    greensky New Member
    Of course I can do this for you :) ,

    please send me your pictures.