Need a modeler to convert a LightWave3D 7.0 design

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by obione69, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. obione69
    obione69 New Member
    hello, looking for someone who can convert a LightWave3D 7.0 design, re-size and use Netfabb to fix any problems so it can be printed in Frosted Ultra Detail. If any modelers are able to help, please let me know and include a price estimate if possible.

    Thank you
  2. bartv
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    Hi obione,

    can you give a bit more information about the project? I doubt people can give a price estimate based on your current description.

    I have also moved this message from '3D Modeler for Hire' to '3D Modeler Needed'.


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  3. stop4stuff
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  4. obione69
    obione69 New Member
    thanks for your reply, they were .lwo and .obj files and was already able to open and convert with AccuTrans 3D. If i need additional help i will let you know.

    Appreciate your response, thanks again